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Ebike Battery

I got an ebike battery off AliExpress! Looks really nice.

Nice things:

Some issues:





In my excitement, I decided to hook up the battery to the motor controller box and the mystery cylinder (headlight controller). I wired everything up with the battery power switch off. Clearly some was wired up wrong because when I flipped the battery's power switch, there was a loud pop and the headlight controller was smoking. Shoot!

After that, I got no voltage out of the battery. Double shoot! Very nervous at this point that I had irreversibly damaged something important. Fortunately, the battery pack has a fuse that I removed and found had blown. A good design! It seems that I had hooked up the headlight controller to the battery incorrectly and probably destroyed the headlight controller, but the battery was protected by its fuse.

Blown Fuse:


This is a standard automotive fuse so I was able to order a replacement easily.

Lesson learned here! Do not rush to power on things without first understanding them! Also don't mess around with big battery packs without a solid understand of what connected. They can pack a (loud) punch.