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E Bike First Power Up!

January 16, 2022

Big news! I didn't fry the controller! Or at least I did not fry the little display and speed input box!

The ebike controller's listed input voltage cutoff is 30 volts, so I thought my little 30V power supply wouldn't be able to power up the controller. But turns out my 30V power supply can output up to 32 volts! So I hooked it up and saw a bit of current draw - encouraging that it's not zero and it's not a short.



With the power applied, I mashed the buttons on the little display a bunch. Turns out if you hold the orange "power on" button on the display, the unit turns on and shows kilometers ridden, power assist level, and a bunch of other info!


I'm very excited to see this. Yesterday I was worried I had fried the whole system with my ill-thought-out battery experiment, but know I know what at least one component is still working as intended.

I'm not sure how to tell if the aluminum controller box is good... I might have to wait to hook up the battery and try pedaling for that test.