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E Bike

In January 2022 I found a cheap ebike for sale locally and bought it! The catch was that it had no battery. The previous owner had recently moved in from South America and wasn't able to ship the ebike's lithium ion battery, just the bike iteself.

Bike Info

The bike appears to be Vindrais Revol-E, retailing for about $1800 US.

Screenshot from 2023-07-08T12-11-52.png

Battery Connector

The exsiting battery connector was snipped! This meant that even if I found an exact replacement battery, I'd have to do a bit of soldering to get the connections working again. I was curious at this point why there were two positive and two negative connections. My guess is that the middle two wires (the narrower ones) were for the headlight or the motor controller circuitry, while the outer, wider wires were for power delivery to the motor.


I googled around for what the control model might be:

Mystery Cylinder

I think it's a controller for the headlight. Has connectors that look like JST-SM connectors (2- and 3-prong) based on this ebikes.ca page

Other Notes