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AirGradient Assembly

Back in early June 2023 when smoke from the Canadian wildfires was sitting over the east coast of the US, I, like many others, became much more aware of and interested in the quality of the air around me. I ended up buying one of these AirGradient DIY Basic sensor platforms that combines a CO2 sensor with particulate sensor that reports PM1.0, PM2.5, and PM10 particular concentrations, as well as temperature and humidity.

The AirGradient unit seems like a good choice because the sensors, while not too expensive, were well-enough regarded by commenters in the discussion threads I was reading and because the product is very DIY friendly. It's based around one of the ubiquitous ESP8266 chips that can be easily programmed in a bunch of ways and integrated neatly into a variet of systems, including HomeAssistant. I run a little HomeAssistant setup in my apartment so the ease of integrate was a big selling point for me. And at $67, the DIY kit didn't feel too pricy, especially on those really smoky days in early June.

The kit arrived today and I'm happy to report it's now working great! Here are some build notes:

Build Notes

Programming Notes


With the ESPHome program generated by my copy of air-gradient-diy.yaml loaded onto my AirGradient board, HomeAssistant just picked it right up! A little playing around with HomeAssisant sensor plot cards later and I have these sweet graphs of the particulate matter and CO2 around me:


Crazy! I've only had this going a day so far but it's fascinating to see how the CO2 changes when I enter or leave a room and how much cooking affects the PM readings. Very excited to continue to monitor this information!