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STL Generator

Northwest Corner Coordinates



  • Select the area you want an STL of using the red box
  • 'Center to View' will move the box. It's also draggable
  • Rotate and resize the box as needed
  • Z-Scale exaggerates the vertical scale of models
  • Water drop lowers the height of the oceans for emphasis
  • Don't worry about the box skewing with rotations - the model will be accurate to the real terrain
The site has been running very slowly lately due to increased traffic! If it's not working, please try again in a few hours! I'm working on increasing reliability. Thanks!

Terrain2STL is a free-to-use service, but if you want to help support the site, donations are welcome.

Terrain2STL creates STL files using the SRTM3 dataset from 2000, which has a resolution of about 90 meters on the equator.

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